the castel malcesine
Il castello


Goethe, the poet, remained particularly charmed by the beauty of the Scaliger Castle, ancient structure that rises on a spur on a sheer drop to the sea.

From the towers and terraces of the castles that dominate the entire promontory, it is possible to enjoy a panorama of unmatchable beauty.

The castle
il castello

The structure of the castle dates back to the 13th century, many noble families followed in the domination of this area: first of all, Malcesine saw the Scaliger’s supremacy, which was succeeded by the Austrians.

Then there was the domination of the Visconti, and then of the Carrara family.
In conclusion, the Republic of Venice ruled the area for a long period of time, 450 years, during which the population enjoyed remarkable wealth, then the dominion fell in the hands of the Austrians until mid ‘800s.

The castle is subdivided in lower and upper palace, and the walls hide three internal courtyards.

Precious naturalist collections and antiques are preserved inside the museum located in the halls of the castle.