Known worldwide as 'the city of love' since it was chosen by Shakespeare to set the tormented love story of Romeo and Juliet, it rises on the banks of the Adige River.

The city preserves the buildings related to the legendary story of blood and passion that every year, become destination of pilgrimages for thousands of couples in love, coming from all over the world.

City of absolute historic importance, it combines the charm of the ancient city to the worldliness of modern metropolises. Between the ancient walls, picturesque cobblestone roads articulate; among these, there are famous squares, such as Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori.

The windows of the most prestigious brands overlook the elegant Via Mazzini.


The splendid Arena rises behind Piazza Bra, Roman amphitheatre among the best preserved ones, and icon of the Romantic city.

It has always been used for shows, such as gladiators’ fights, jousts, and tournaments, and today, it is considered as the most important opera house outdoors.

Every summer, it hosts the Opera Festival, important opera show which board boasts prestigious titles such as l’Aida by Verdi, la Tosca by Puccini and la Carmen by Bizet.

Thanks to the large exposition area, Verona is also considered an important commercial pole: twelve pavilions and over one million visitors a year, render Veronafiere, one of the main expositions at European level.

romeo and juliet

The visitors and exhibitors come from all over the world to take part in different shows, like:

  • Vinitaly;
  • ArtVerona,
  • the national exposition of Modern and Contemporary arts;
  • Luxury & Yachts, the international luxury show;
  • Abitare il Tempo,
  • interior design exposition;
  • Fieragricola and Fieracavalli.

Numerous initiatives linked to the most different work and leisure activities render Veronafiere, a centre of international interest in continuous development.